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 FORUM RULES!! Read First..

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PostSubject: FORUM RULES!! Read First..   05/06/10, 01:43 am

I will keep this as simple as possible.. no-one likes being bound by rules
but any civilized community must abide by at least a few.. here's ours..

1. No "Overly" obscene posts or material.. eg: porn, mass profanity.. I keep an open forum, but some things are too much.
2. No unsolicited spam!!.. EVER! I have a 0 tolerance policy on spam & unwanted advertising (hawking). Earns a permaban!
3. No Fanboy/girl trolling of any sorts, Post such as "bob's mod's better" and such will be removed IMMEDIATELY
this is not to say you can't mention other mods, or even rave.. but were not here to compete or be judged agianst
other mods.. such conversations normally lead down hill anyways.
4. Freelancer is a worldwide "phenomena" these days.. & as such many different races & creeds commonly come together
in forums such as this & collaborate.. I have one rule concerning the differences of race, age, color or creed.. Leave your shit at the door.. pick it back up on the way out if so wish, were all humans here (most of us anyways) lets act like it.. its ok to dig, have a play.. (if both party's know it's just a friendly dig) but if i see anyone going to far.. I'll pull out the whacking stick myself Razz
5. Most importantly.. now FL isn't "that" bad for it.. but i've seen other modding community's fall foul of it.. so its a rule..
DON'T EVER STEAL!! I have nice connections within FL & to many modelers now.. if you like something let me know & i'll see
what i can do about acquiring it (as long as it falls inline with XLR) we don't really have this as a problem, this rule is mainly there for
future generations (& Posterity).
6. No Trolls... EVER!

So there are the "rules" pretty simple really but it had to be written.

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FORUM RULES!! Read First..
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